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Welcome to the Arkansas Lifespan Respite Coalition

The Arkansas Lifespan Respite Coalition is a collaborative partner with the Department of Human Service Division of Aging and Adult Services (DAAS) for the Arkansas Take the Time Lifespan Respite Program. Even the most amazing caregivers need a temporary break now and then to take time for themselves and to be able to seek needed assistance and support.

The Coalition serves as a strong voice for respite throughout the state to promote awareness and help families locate respite care services in their communities. DAAS supports the Coalition in its goal to improve awareness and access of respite information and services available in Arkansas by providing this important information on the Choices in Living website.

The Arkansas Lifespan Respite Coalition currently meets on the third Thursday of every month at the Arkansas Department of Human Services at 700 Main Street in Little Rock. The Coalition is represented by family caregivers, respite providers, and members of the aging, disability and health services networks. Everyone is welcome.

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Upcoming Meeting Dates:

Lifespan Respite Meetings for 2015

If you plan to attend, please notify us in advance for room location and to have your name put on the guest list at the front desk by calling 1-866-801-3435.

The Arkansas Lifespan Respite Coalition Flyer

The Arkansas Lifespan Respite Awareness Day Proclamation

Goals and Objectives

The goal of the Arkansas Lifespan Respite Coalition is to improve awareness and access of respite information and services available to families across age and disability spectrums by expanding and coordinating existing respite systems in Arkansas.

Arkansas will partner with multiple state and local agencies representing all ages, populations and disabilities/chronic illnesses to achieve the following objectives:

1. Organize state and local partnerships to expand and enhance respite care resources that serve the lifespan;

2. Provide training and recruitment of respite care workers and volunteers;

3. Provide online information about available respite and support services

4. Streamline access to respite services through the Choices in Living Aging and Disability Resource Center; and

5. Conduct marketing and education activities to increase the public's awareness of respite.

Our Vision

Create an environment within Arkansas where respite and crisis care are readily available and easily accessible to all caregivers through education and awareness

Our Mission

To support and promote the development of a comprehensive statewide respite and crisis care system that is responsive to the needs of caregivers and their families, and enhances the quality of life for all individuals.

Our Values

We will consider all suggestions from coalition members and make decisions based on consensus as we are one team with one vision and one mission

We will offer all members of the coalition the opportunity to participate in coalition decision making

We will promote respite and facilitate services that are respectful of the diverse ethnic backgrounds of the families served without preference for a select demographic group or disability population.

Because families and caregivers have different needs at different times, we will encourage and support the development of both planned and crisis care programs

We will support and encourage respite care programs that offer consumer driven and individually chosen services

We have a commitment to excellence and professionalism with integrity, honesty and ethical behavior guiding all of our efforts

We will collaborate and build partnerships with those who share the vision and values of the organization

We will ensure the diversity of ideas, cultures, ethinicities and backgrounds shall provide the foundation of the organization's efforts

We will ensure financial strength to accomplish the goals set by the organization

We want to help YOU.

Call toll-free 1-866-801-3435  -  8 to 4:30  -  M - F

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